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Pyrosales Invite you to the IICA Gladstone QLD 2023 Technology Expo

Iica Expo 4 ImageFind out what’s trending in the industry and learn more about products that can transform your business!

Pyrosales will be showcasing a variety of products on offer at the Gladstone QLD IICA Technology Expo on Wednesday the 26th of July 2023, 2.00pm to 6.30pm at the Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre, 56 Goondoon Street, Gladstone, QLD 4680 : Free Entry.

We would love to see you there!

John Shanahan our CEO and Johnathon Skinner QLD Sales Representative will be attending the exhibition. They will also be visiting many of our clients in the area. If you would like a visit, Click below.

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If you want to know who we are please click on link, We are Pyrosales.