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Pyro cable – the only true fire survival cable

Pyro Tools Available At PyrosalesFire Survival Cable, typically known as Pyro cable, provides the ideal solution for fire protection.

Uses include emergency back-up power supply systems, emergency equipment, and fire alarm systems. In the event of a fire, electrical power and communications are preserved for critical, life safety circuits. Distributed in Australia by Pyrosales,

Pyro MI (mineral insulated) cable is a permanent and dependable wiring cable system for low and medium voltage applications. It is safe for use in hazardous installations and radioactive environments. Pyro MI cable consists of a copper sheath and conductors, with a mineral insulant. The cable can continue to carry current at temperatures in excess of 1000ËšC. If there is a fire it is essential that safety mechanisms continue to operate.

By using Fire survival cable, services including fire pumps, smoke extraction fans, emergency lighting, exit signs and voice communication systems continue uninterrupted. Why risk using just a Fire Rated Cable when you can have the assurity of using a Fire Survival Cable. Is life worth that risk!

Are you looking for a cable that can survive a fire?

Features include:

  • Greater current carrying capacity/great mechanical strength
  • High operating temperatures
  • No additional mechanical protection required
  • Permanent and dependable wiring installations

Pyrosales also offers a service which is providing a finished extension lead including pots/seals and glands. These are fitted and terminated and tested. All we need from you is the desired length.

The new Product available at Pyrosales is the copper MI cable. These allow the cable to survive exposure to 670°C and withstand temperatures up to 1065°C (2000°F) and 1200°C (2200°F).

The cable is made up of inorganic materials that allow for zero smoke generation, zero fuel contribution, and zero flame spread.

Another important thing to note is that the highly compacted MgO insulation prevents the flow and transmission of explosive gases through the wiring cables.

*Update (2016) : Pyrosales now sell MICC Fire Survival Cable manufactured by MICC. All MICC cable variations are approved for use as per ASNZS3013 52W, as well as a fully tested, fire-rated joint. This is the only fire survival cable that has passed this testing process.