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Data logging just got a whole lot easier

Data LoggerPyrosales provide a range of data logging solutions. There are many uses for a data logger, ranging from collecting data on complex processes to managing temperature of concrete during the curing process. We have recently expanded the data loggers available to our customers with the introduction of Testo data loggers.

For simple applications the mini data logger 174 will do the job. It provides reliable temperature measurement for monitoring cold chains during transportation, or upgrade to the 174-H to include monitoring of humidity. An investment in a handy tool like this allows you to monitor temperature conditions and can save you in the long run.

For more advanced monitoring, the 175 range are great for long term monitoring and allow the use of a temperature probe. Upgrade to the 176 if logging in extreme environments. Partner your Testo 176 with a PT100 RTD for accurate temperature reading and monitoring. This is particularly useful in the food industry to ensure production adheres to strict guidelines.

Testo’s 184 is designed specifically for monitoring shock, relative humidity and temperature during transportation. Ideal for recording impact and vibrations when transporting or managing sensitive pharmaceutical products, delicate machinery, valuable art and high quality electronic products.

Wireless data logging is also possible with Testo Saveris 2. Monitor temperature and humidity values remotely and receive notice when a variation occurs. An example of Saveris application is here where Testo and Pyrosales worked together to develop a solution to monitor frozen embryos.