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What Single Electrode Sealing Gland to 2000 volts does Pyrosales provide?

Pyrosales distribute Conax fittings and glands, we have found that the quality of Conax products have the standards which our clients expect from us. Conax Model EG (Single Electrode Sealing to 2000V1 1 Image2000 Volts) Glands are designed to conduct rated amperage through vessel walls for applications such as vacuum furnaces, autoclaves, transformers, power supplies and other vessels requiring a sealed environment. EG glands also electrically and/or thermally isolate single electrodes, tubes, temperature sensors and liquid level probes in pressure/vacuum applications. These bare electrical feedthroughs seal against gases and liquids and resist element movement under pressure.

EG gland bodies with NPT threads or SAE threads are constructed from 303SST standard. Weld-neck style glands are constructed from 316LSST. Caps and followers for all styles are constructed from 303SST. Many optional materials are also available. See page 9 for details. Cap Style A offers a mounting thread only. Cap Style B provides threading on both ends for attachment to conduit or terminal heads. Alternative sealant materials are available.

2000V2 Image

2000V3 Image

Conductors are available in Copper, Nickel and 303SST. Use of Nickel rather than Copper is recommended in oxidizing atmospheres. For further information on conductor selection, Custom conductors, such as nickel-plated copper, are available. Just contact us for information.

Temperature Range: -300˚ F to +1600˚ F (-185˚ C to +870˚ C)
• Pressure Range: Vacuum to 8,000 PSIG (551 bar) – see Pressure Ratings in Specifications Chart.
• Voltage to 2000 VDC
• Amperage to 400 amp
• Supplied with or without conductor

The replaceable sealant permits repeated use of the same fitting. Electrodes can be easily assembled or replaced in the field. To replace the sealant or element, simply loosen the cap, replace the necessary items, re-lubricate and re-torque the cap.

Glands are supplied factory lubricated. When reused, the glands should be re-lubricated to maintain the published torque and pressure ratings. If glands are cleaned prior to assembly, they should be re-lubricated. On weld mount models, the heat from the welding process will destroy the lubricant. These models must be re-lubricated prior to use. Replacement Packing Sets are available. These consist of a sealant and two insulators. Replacement sealants, conductors, lubricant kits, and insulators may also be ordered separately.

How to order a EG Gland.

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2000V6 Image2000V7 Image2000V8 Image2000V8 1 Image2000V10 Image2000V11 Image

Pyrosales has extensive knowledge and experience in temperature management and process control. We provide advice, design, repair, and fabrication to our clients on a wide range of industries, uses, and capabilities of temperature management. Contact us at anytime on 1300737976 or CLICK TO CONTACT US