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PyroSheath LT-1®

PyrosheathPyroSheath LT-1® is a special protection sheath made of a combination of chromium, and alumina (Al2O3) and is commonly referred to as ‘metal ceramic’ or ‘cermet’. The combination of these materials, along with a sophisticated manufacturing process, creates a product with remarkable properties in high temperature furnaces.

Some of the attributes of PyroSheath LT-1® are:

  • Outstanding resistance to oxidising atmospheres over 1250°C
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Resists wetting by many metals and alloys
  • Remarkable resistance to sliding friction, corrosive and abrasive environments, and is also impermeable to acid components
  • Ideal for use in corrosive SO2 and SO3 gas atmospheres (to 1375°C)

PyroSheath LT-1® is recommended for various applications: measuring the temperature of many molten metals like copper, lead, silver, brass, zinc and tin. It is also recommended for corrosive gases at high temperatures, oil fired furnace chambers, some cement processes, boiling acids, still-mill soaking pits, general foundry practices, and other specific applications.

PyroSheath LT-1® is an exclusive product of Pyrosales Pty Ltd and has been successfully used by many leading companies worldwide for more than 30 years.