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The importance of Calibrating

Calibration ImportanceControlling the temperature in a process can result in a dramatic increase in efficiency, but not if the sensors or equipment are measuring incorrectly. To realise these efficiencies, you may need calibrate the equipment. Pyrosales offer an industrial calibration service aimed primarily at RTD and thermocouple sensors and can provide NATA certified equipment.

Pyrosales can calibrate the following:

  • Temperature measurement equipment, such as rare and base metal thermocouples, RTDs, bi-metal and vapour pressure thermometers as well as  liquid filled systems.
  • Ancillary temperature measurement instruments, such as portable potentiometers, indicators, recorders and controllers, and transmitters.
  • Thermocouples: T, J, E, K, N, R, S, B.
  • RTDs: PT100 α = 1.385, 1.3902, 1.3926. Cu10 – Cu50. Ni 110 – Ni120.

Pyrosales also offer a number of calibrating devices. PIE specialise in hand-held calibrating devices suitable for a range of instrumentation, including the recently released PIE 820-Elite, a multi-function calibrator. The PIE-820 Elite replaces eight other devices for only a fraction of the price of similar calibrators. Nagman products are also available for calibrating equipment used in factories.

For more information about Nagman and PIE products, please visit our website or, contact us on 1300 737 976 to discuss your calibration needs.