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Innovation in problem solving

Pie CalibratorPyrosales supply a variety of tools and instruments to assist with the proper functioning of your process equipment. Practical Instruments Electronics Inc. (PIE), supplies Pyrosales with an extensive range of calibration devices.

The new PIE 830 calibrator offers more than the standard multifunction device; it is also a loop detective, able to diagnose common problems that other test equipment simply cannot find. The loop diagnostic technology will detect flooded junction boxes or unknown ground faults. Or use the LoopScope feature to view all the parameters – milliamps, voltage and resistance – in the loop.

Unique to the PIE Model 830 are troubleshooting features and the ability to operate as an isolated universal diagnostic transmitter. Connect the process T/C or RTD sensor and the 830 acts as a linear or non-linear 2-wire transmitter with a built-in LoopScope simultaneously displaying the sensor input and the current, voltage and resistance of the loop. Or add a pressure module to swap out a linear or square root pressure transmitter. For the first time you can see how the loop is REALLY functioning and verify the power supply has enough capacity to power all the devices in the loop.

Patented ‘Loop Diagnostic’ technology uses the internal power supply to drive the loop while finding ground faults and leakage current, due to corrosion or condensation in your conduits and junction boxes. The 830 finds sensor problems by auto detecting 2, 3 or 4 wire RTD’s and a continuity beeper to locate problems in loop wiring without grabbing a multi. The toolbox tough design includes a backlit display for use in dark environments, protective rubber boot with built in stand, hands free carrying case and test leads. The easy to use double click menu system allows for quick setup, fast switching between functions and pre-programming of set points and step/ramp times. All standard functions including sourcing and reading 14 T/C types, 9 RTD curves, volts, ohms and frequency plus simulate pH and read pressure are shown along with milliamps on the display.

The display allows you to visually monitor not only the various sensor signals but also the control loop current and diagnostics. Accuracy is ±0.02% of reading + 0.01% of full scale with guaranteed compatibility with modern instrumentation.