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IICA Adelaide
Thursday 19 July 2018

Pyrosales will be exhibiting at the Gladstone IICA Technology Expo on Wednesday 25 July 2018 at The Gladstone Entertainment Convention Centre – Hall A. We...

Wednesday 18 July 2018

Question:  I need a temperature controller for a Bitumen Heating Tank. I want to keep the temperature below 30 degrees Celsius. There is a temperature sensor...

Pyrosales and RKC Blog cover
Friday 13 July 2018

Pyrosales is the exclusive Australian Distributor for RKC temperature controlling instruments. We strongly believe in the quality, durability and reliability of these temperature controllers. These...

Tuesday 29 May 2018

Thermowells are put in place to protect the temperature sensor in use from the measured medium, which could be corrosive or hazardous. It also allows...