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TFE Tape Insulated Thermocouple and Extension Wire

TFE Tape Insulated Thermocouple and Extension Wire

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A double wrap of the fused TFE tape is spirally applied over the single conductors as well as the outer jacket. The tape then goes through sintering (heated), which forms the tape into a homogeneous layer. As a result, the tape has all the advantages of extruded TFE, however eliminating the concentricity problems that are associated with TFE extrusions.

 Resistance Properties

  • Moisture- EXCELLENT
  • Chemical- EXCELLENT
  • Abrasion- GOOD
Features and Benefits
  • Continuous temperature rating: 260°C
  • Single reading 315°C
  • Additional abrasion resistance with optional stainless steel and tinned copper wire overbraids.
  • Custom constructions available.


  • Aircraft composite bonding
  • Petroleum plants

Brochure & Data Sheets