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Heavy Duty Fibreglass Braided Thermocouple and Extension Wire

Heavy Duty Fibreglass Braided Thermocouple and Extension Wire

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View the thermocouple wire and cable catalogue to aid in choosing the right cable for your application. They have premium performance and are extremely reliable.

This wire is designed for applications requiring a tougher construction. It uses a heavy duty fibreglass yarn which enhances cut through resistance. Each element is insulated with a braided fibreglass and impregnated to improve abrasion resistance.

Resistance Properties

  • Moisture- GOOD
  • Chemical- GOOD
  • Abrasion- GOOD
Features and Benefits
  • Continuous temperature rating: 480°C
  • Single reading 540°C
  • Impregnation retained to 204°C
  • Additional abrasion resistance with optional stainless steel, tinned copper and alloy 600 wire overbraids, or flat stainless steel spiral wrap.
  • Custom constructions available.


  • Steel and aluminium plants
  • Heat treating
  • Foundries
  • Glass, ceramic and brick plants

Additional information

Cable Type



1/1.29 BX FIB/FIB, 1/1.29 RX/SX FIB/FIB

Length (m)

50, 100

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