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Solid State Relays

A solid state relay (SSR) is an electronic switch, which, unlike an electromechanical relay, contains no moving parts. It is recommended that you use an SSR that turns on and off at the zero crossing mark on a sinewave so that the electrical surges and noise spikes are greatly reduced. Since there are no moving parts in an SSR, they can be cycled on and off many times per second. Key applications include heat/cool temperature control, motors, lamps, solenoids, valves, and transformers. SSRs can be an ideal product if you pay attention to the three important application items; avoid overvoltage (surges), over current, and over temperature. Pyrosales also have available a range of heatsinks to assist in distributing any temperature build up during operation.

Read more about solid state relays here.

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Pyrosales can design and manufacture custom solutions for precision temperature measurement and process control applications.


Pyrosales frequently repair specialised temperature equipment. We are distributors of the highly trusted RKC® digital temperature controller devices.

Fire Survival MI Cable

Mineral-insulated (MI) cable is a specially constructed cable that can survive a fire. Capable of carrying current at temperatures more than 1000˚C.


We have a large selection of commercial and industrial temperature sensors, gauges, monitoring and control equipment, with superior quality.

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To achieve accurate readings from precision temperature sensors, gauges and measuring equipment. We provide accurate calibration and certificates.