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A5-2W is specially designed IR Pyrometer for non-contact temperature measurement of non-grey body that can be find in many applications like metal processing, heating process, silicon and ceramics. A5-2W is a Two-wavelength pyrometer which uses application specific data base derived from years of experience in real application. Partial application list: Diamond Growing, Wafer Annealing, CVD Crystal Growing, Steel annealing line, Tube, hot dip line, Copper rod, bar and strip, Glass mould plunger. Our pyrometers use special algorithms to accurately calculate both the actual temperature and emissivity of the surface On-line. They have a laser pointer which is aligned in line with the detector so that it ensures both laser and detector investigates the same spot. This helps precise aiming even in long distances. A5-2W offers Bluetooth communication so that it can communicate with Android smartphones or laptop for viewing the measured temperature and for adjusting the parameters or selection of data base and data logging.

Temperature Range:
105°C – 2500°C (221°F – 4532°F)
Spectral Range: 1.3μm/1.6μm

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