Conax Seal Fittings

Custom designed and manufactured compression seal fittings from Conax Technologies.

The soft sealant technology pioneered by Conax result in compression seal fittings with a remarkably secure seal. With soft sealant technology, the continuous tension in the torqued body acts likes a spring to maintain compression on the sealant and maintain a positive seal throughout the temperature cycle.

Soft sealant technology allows replacement and adjustment of the sealed element. This is not possible with other technologies such as epoxy and glass-to-metal sealing.

Conax mechanical compression seal fittings, unlike compound fittings, do not allow leakage to occur. Conax uses mechanical fittings with internal sealant material that is compressed for a completely tight fit.

The replaceable sealant used in Conax Technologies sealing assemblies allows repeated use of the same fitting. Replacement sealants are available in Neoprene, Viton, Teflon, Lava or Grafoil, depending on the sealing assembly type.