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    Pyrosales is one of Australia's longest established and largest manufacturers of precision temperature, level and flow measurem..
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    Pyrosales has developed a strong position reputation acrossmong many numerous processing and manufacturing industries as a depe..
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    Pyrosales is a provider of precision temperature gauges and instrumentation to a wide variety of industries. Our services are e..
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    TESTIMONIALS FROM OUR CUSTOMERS Meg and Anna, Ritual Cryotherapy "I just wanted to write to let you know how fantastic your t..
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    Some of the more complex terms found on our website and catalogues. Digital Temperature Controller : Device that provides cont..
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    Australian Agents & Distributors VICTORIA WEST VIC INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES Unit 2, 39 Leather St. BREAKWATER ( Geelong ) VIC..
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    Pyrosales has established a reputation around the World as a specialist manufacturer of standard and precision temperature meas..
  • Glass

    Pyrosales is the leading supplier of temperature measurement sensors to the container glass industry in Australia. We have enjo..
  • Metal Processing

    Metal processing, smelting, and production are highly intensive with regards to material, cost, logistics, as well as the sheer..
  • Petrochemical

    The petrochemical industry covers a diverse range of processes that are characterised by highly stringent safety requirements. ..
  • Power Generation

    The basic principle of power generation is the process of changing mechanical energy into electrical energy. Mechanical energy ..
  • Food and Beverage

    Many food and beverages consumed in Australia or exported overseas are processed in some way, whether as a product or for packa..
  • Plastics

    The Plastics Industry covers a wide variety of processes. These processes rely heavily on accurate temperature measurement to a..
  • Aerospace

    Australia has a long history of aerospace manufacturing, and continues to provide world-class innovative products and services ..
  • Civil Construction

    In a modern city there are numerous services that provide the infrastructure necessary for us to live comfortably. Many of thes..
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    Pyrosales frequently work with commercial developers, engineers and electricians to provide effective protection of electrical ..
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    Pyrosales has been involved in a variety of projects in relation to both fire safety as well as the supply of fire survival pro..
  • Furnaces, Kilns and Ovens

    Energy expenses continue to rise, so it is critical to maintain the control of temperature in furnaces, kilns and ovens to mini..
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    Calibration is essential to achieve accurate readings from precision temperature gauges and measuring equipment. Pyrosales use ..
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    Pyrosales has extensive knowledge and experience in temperature management and process control. We provide advice, design, repa..
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    Privacy Policy This Privacy Policy sets out the approach which Pyrosales Pty Ltd (Pyrosales) will take in relation to the trea..