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Calibration is essential to achieve accurate readings from precision temperature gauges and measuring equipment. Pyrosales offer:

  • Full NATA Calibration Certification
  • NATA Traceable Workshop Calibration

Pyrosales use state-of-the-art equipment to test temperature instruments, including thermocouples, bi-metal and gas filled dial indicators and RTD sensors, to ensure the products provide accurate measurements.

We have the capability to offer the right calibration method for your equipment and are able to test any sensor against a traceable standard from ambient through to 1100°C with the use of dry-block calibrators, water and oil baths, and a horizontal three-zone tube furnace.

Our modern, well-equipped facility means Pyrosales can guarantee precise control temperatures, high-quality products and and accurate calibration to meet industry standards.

Depending on your industry requirements and intended application, a thermocouple can be calibrated to suit different temperature ranges. RTD sensors can be calibrated using fixed point and comparison methods.


Customers can submit the following equipment below to be calibrated:



Type T, J, E, K, N, R, S, B


RTD sensors:

PT100 α = 1.385, 1.3902, 1.3926

Cu10 – Cu50

Ni 110 – Ni 120


Pyrosales is a leading exporter of temperature sensors and process control equipment nationally and internationally. We have supplied clients in Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, China, Belgium, Germany, Malaysia, Zambia, South Africa, Sri Lanka and South America. We have maintained a positive reputation and repeat business by consistently providing properly calibrated and precise equipment.

To arrange calibration of precision instruments or to find our further information about our products, please contact us online or call the nearest Pyrosales office.