Our Services

Pyrosales is a provider of precision temperature gauges and instrumentation to a wide variety of industries. Our services are especially focused on applications involving high temperatures, such as those involved in the production of metal and glass, as well as smelting and furnace requirements.

Product Development, Design, and Manufacture

Pyrosales can design and manufacture custom solutions for precision temperature measurement and process control applications.Our in-house manufacturing capabilities can produce and assemble all required components, allowing for short lead times and a high level of quality control.

We design and manufacture quality, calibrated temperature gauges and level and flow measurement instrumentation for a diverse range of applications. Our thermocouples and thermowells are trusted throughout numerous industries to provide accurate temperature recording and measurement. RTD sensors will provide more precision measurements for lower range temperatures and our range of infrared thermal imaging equipment is proven to improve process control through fault identification.


Pyrosales frequently repair specialised temperature equipment. We are distributors of the highly trusted RKC® digital temperature controller devices. Our staff have expertise in repairing RKC® digital temperature controllers, infrared thermal imaging devices and probe temperature sensor instruments. As providers and developers of custom temperature gauge equipment, we are also able to diagnose and repair issues with thermocouples and RTD units of all types.


Pyrotenax® is a leading brand of copper sheathed, mineral-insulated cable commonly used for industrial and commercial fire resistant installation, typically in high-rise buildings, hospitals, airports, and tunnels, where fires can be costly and deadly if the emergency systems in place do not operate properly. Applications include essential services such as emergency power, communication and security wiring.

Pyrotenax uses inorganic materials (copper, Alloy 825, nickel and magnesium oxide) to allow for zero smoke generation, fuel contribution and flame spread. The construction of Pyro cable makes it mechanically superior to soft skin cables, providing a rugged and durable cable to withstand impact damage.


We have a large selection of commercial and industrial temperature gauges and monitoring and control equipment, such as infrared thermal imaging. Many of these products have been designed and produced at our own facilities; others are from reputable precision instrumentation providers. We can identify the best instrument for your industry and application, whether you require an RTD or a more robust thermocouple or thermowell.

QAS Certified

Pyrosales Pty Ltd have been assessed and approved by QAS International Ltd to the following quality management systems, standards and guidelines: ISO 9001 : 2008 Certificate Number A1066AUS. We continue to hold this certification through stringent work and quality practices.

Please contact us online or call the nearest Pyrosales office for further information on any of our services or products.