Melt Pressure MPX/MFX Transducer

Part no. MPI-MPJ01P5MSS

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  • Interchangeable with competitors’ models
  • Standard 3.33mV/V, 6 pin connector
  • Stem (standard)
  • Flex hose
  • 1% combined error
  • 80% output Cal
  • Ranges from 0-500 to 0-20000psi
  • 400°C (750°F) rating, standard INCONEL tip
  • Thermocouple J field replaceable

Melt pressure transducers are specialised sensors which are used to measure pressure during the extrusion process. All trandsducer models available from Pyrosales are interchangeable with competitors’ models. Additionally, Pyrosales can provide a range of mercury-free transducers, for use in processes where toxic contamination may be an issue. There is also variation in materials and surface finishes that can extend the life of the sensor depending on the type of process.