H4000 / 7000 Series

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Portable Hydraulic Dead Weight Testers. Pressure generation direct via Ram Screw and Priming Pump. 

Features include:

  • Ranges : Upto 700 Bar
  • Accuracy : ±0.1% (H4000) / ±0.05% (H7000)
  • Single Piston
  • Oil operated
  • Engineering Units : Bar / Kg/Cm2 / PSI
  • Spirit Level
  • Piston Calibrated thro’ “Cross Floating Techniques”
  • Calibrated to Standard Gravity (Customer specified Gravity adjustment optional)
  • Accuracies Traceable to International Standards
  • Mild Steel / Non-Magnetic Stainless Steel Weight Sets
  • Fixed in a Sturdy Mobile Case for use in Field Calibration