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PIE 830 Multifunction Process Calibrator

PIE 830 Multifunction Process Calibrator

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More than a multifunction calibrator, the PIE 830 comes with enhanced functions to detect common problems

  • Split screen display that allows simultaneous viewing of both source and read values of a transmitter
  • The ability to read pressure values from -14.7 to 3000 PSI in up to 32 different engineering units using any of 32 different pressure modules (sold separately)
  •  5 different troubleshooting tools, allow the detection and diagnosis of common problems found in process control loops and transmitters
  • Enables the 830 to be temporarily swapped for RTD, thermocouple, frequency, millivolt or pressure transmitters to help diagnose control issues due to faulty transmitters
  • New LoopScope feature allows the simultaneous display of current, voltage and resistance readings of the loop which allows real time analysis of the condition of the loop
  • Quickly diagnose and detect ground faults and current leakage problems in the loop with patented loop diagnostic technology
  •  Utilises patented technology which automatically detects 2, 3 or 4 wire RTD and allows the user to troubleshoot
  • A built in continuity checker with a ‘Beeper’ to help quickly detect broken wires or shorts in instrumentation wires

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Weight 1000 g

PIE 830 Multifunction Diagnostic Calibrator

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