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PIE 820-Elite Multifunction Calibrator

PIE 820-Elite Multifunction Calibrator

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Compact calibrator replaces toolbox of single function devices


  • Easy-to-use EZ-DIAL Double Click Menu makes it easy to setup
  • Use it as a milliamp and voltage calibrator
  • Simulate 2-Wire transmitters
  • Power up transmitters and loops with the built-in 24 V power supply
  • Simplify HART hookups with built-in 250 Ohm resistor
  • Quickly diagnose ground fault and current leakage with patented loop diagnostic technology (US Patent 7,248,058)
  • Calibrate directly in temperature to 0.1°C & 0.1°F
  • Compatible with the instruments you use including all brands of smart transmitters and PLCs with 14 thermocouple and 9 RTD types
  • Checkout flow and vibration systems
  • Troubleshoot loop & wiring problems – ‘Beep’ out connections with the built-in continuity checker
  • Simulate pH probes into transmitters & analyzers
  • Measure pressure with optional pressure modules – Three modules for 30 PSI/2 bar gauge, 500 PSI/35 bar gauge and 30 PSI/2 bar absolute
  • Easy to read – Turn on the backlight & easily see the display in dark areas of the plant.
  • Quickly set any three outputs plus automatic stepping & ramping
  • Measure temperature sensors, frequency pickups, loop currents, voltage levels and pressures
  • Includes a rubber boot, a backlit display with larger digits, higher accuracy and more ranges for greater flexibility

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