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Why use a melt pressure controller?

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Screw type pumps used in an extruder are very good for melting the plastic and mixing it, but they produce poor constancy of output. The output is dependent upon back pressure, size and shape of pellets, temperature of each barrel zone, type of plastic, and a host of other factors. If precision of the end product is required, the preferable solution is the use of a melt pump.

If, for any reason, that is not practical, the next best solution is to stabilise the melt pressure at the input to the die by a melt pressure controller. The flow of any fluid through an orifice, such as the die, is directly proportional to the pressure and inversely proportional to the viscosity of the plastic. Stabilising the pressure does not do the entire job, but it will certainly help. Melt pressure control is a standard feature of the RKC HA930/430 temperature controller.


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