FEP Insulated and Shielded Thermocouple and Extension Wire

$9.30 excl. GST


View the thermocouple wire and cable catalogue to aid in choosing the right cable for your application. They have premium performance and are extremely reliable.

Each conductor is insulated with FEP Teflon. The conductors are then twisted with a stranded copper drain wire, followed by a covering of aluminium tape. The FEP is then applied over the construction.
Resistance Properties

  • Moisture- EXCELLENT
  • Chemical- EXCELLENT
  • Abrasion- EXCELLENT
Features and Benefits
  • Continuous temperature rating: 204°C
  • Single reading 260°C
  • Twisted conductors minimise electrical interference.
  • Additional abrasion resistance with optional stainless steel and tinned copper wire overbraids.
  • Custom constructions available.


  • Aerospace
  • Industrial Equipment Testing
  • Glass manufacture