Infrared Radiation Thermometers (IR-BA Series)

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The IR-BA series is a non-contact, high-speed compact radiation thermometer. The card sized thermometer with built-in signal converting function of 4-20mA output can easily be installed in narrow places, production lines and small equipment. A standard speed type and a high-speed type (50ms/95%) are respectively available in standard type and small-target/short-distance type and small-target/long-distance type, and special application types for glass, lamp-anneal, film, and burning gas.




  • High-speed response – Standard: 100ms, High-speed: 50ms
  • Compact & light-weight – W32 x H56 x D100 mm, 220g
  • Signal conversion built-in
  • Emissivity setting by digital switch
  • Peripheral units including indicator with power supply, converter with reflection correction, etc.
  • CE – Excluding special application types (IR-BAX)