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3. Hawk - Eye 800 Gold Model

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The Gold Model has all the features of the Silver model, plus it includes 4 PID controllers, 4 On/Off Controllers, as well as having full PLC capabilities.


The key benefits of the Hawk - Eye 800:

  • Quick Email or SMS notification of alarms, which gives user more time to take action
  • Instant recording of actions taken
  • Email reporting available to all users
  • Hawk - Eye 800 can be made to your needs which is cost efficient
  • Thorough control, monitoring and alarming
  • Can be accesed remotely, enabling work to be managed as well as saving time and money
  • Comprehensive reports are perfectly suited to food safety audits which makes it easy for the end user
  • 4GB capacity makes data recording easy and efficient for analysis
  • Reports produced and backed up daily

Additional Information